Loved Fiercely—Carly Van Laar

God loves you so fiercely that He gives you the choice to follow Him, or not. Follow Him, trust me, you won't regret it.


January 2016

What’s in my hand?

There are times when my heart, my head, and my hand don't line up. For example, my heart may have the desire to rest in God's word, while my hand reaches for my phone to mindlessly scroll through apps instead.... Continue Reading →

Could You Imagine If…

There's a big lottery drawing happening tonight. A neighboring state to mine does not have the lottery, so the gas stations near the border have lines of people waiting to buy lottery tickets wrapped around the buildings. Tonight, a lot... Continue Reading →

Sweat & Sisters

There's nothing like a good workout to release stress on the body. I recently encountered a new term for sweat & I love it is: “I'm not sweating, that's my body crying.” Isn't that great?! I love workouts that... Continue Reading →

Who’s Your Daddy?

Do my actions cause people to ask me this question? I asked myself this after encountering the passage in 1 Samuel 17 where David's testimony, faith, and actions surrounding his victory over Goliath caused King Saul to ask him: “Whose... Continue Reading →

A Champion

You guys won't even believe it. The Holy Spirit pointed out ANOTHER new "thing" from David & Goliath this morning. It's craziness, right?! The kind of craziness I love! Verse 3 says, "The Philistines stood on the mountain on one... Continue Reading →

3 Words

I'm been meditating on 3 words since last week & I'm still not ready to let them go. Okay, get ready, here they are: This is he.                   (from 1 Samuel 16:12)... Continue Reading →

Roles and Testing

As I read in my Bible this morning, it was so crystal clear all the different roles that took part to make David's victory against Goliath happen. (1 Samuel 17) There were also just as many roles that tried to... Continue Reading →

Moving Through the Mundane

Do you ever feel like there is something more that you should be doing? Perhaps you feel a burning desire in your heart that God has something bigger planned for you? I asked both of these questions of myself. But... Continue Reading →

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