Carly would be delighted to come and share at your next Women’s Event.  She’ll bring a message from the Word of God with laughter, stories, and thought-provoking questions that are relatable to women in all walks of life.

Her Women’s Event History:

May 2014, Church of God of Prophecy, Houschton, GA

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*Review quote from this event to come.

May 2015, Green Acres Baptist Church, Athens, GA


A review from this event:

“For years, I (along with my mom and daughter, Rebecca Carlisle) have had the privilege of spending a few days each year with the Women of Faith, listening to Priscilla Shiver, Beth Moore and the hilarious Barbara Johnson. I even spent two days hosting these legends of Women in Ministry in our home and providing taxi service. I will be forever grateful to these amazing role models in Women’s Ministry in the 1990’s & 2000’s for their leadership, their insights and their charisma.                                                                                                                                

In 2012 Rebecca and I went to the Gospel Coalition in Orlando, Florida with John Piper & Tim Keller along with their wives….at the conference where we had the privilege of listening to the next generation of women in ministry. Paige Benton Brown, was our favorite. She is a wonderful communicator who does a wonderful job ministering to young mothers with children. Ohh can she preach!

Tonight, I had the privilege listening to our precious Carly Van Laar who came to speak in front of her own home church (it can be very hard to be heard at home).

Carly spoke from the wonderful book of Jonah, sharing from her heart. Carly spoke with biblical knowledge, with fun, laughter, and many tears, but mostly she conveyed the joy of walking in the valley of the shadow and coming out “the other side with joy and deep appreciation for our Lord when He carries us through the valley of the shadows.” We are all overwhelmed at times at how God gives us storms and time to restore our hearts and our faith. Carly spoke from her heart and I was touched with gladness in my heart for the wonderful woman in ministry that Carly Van Laar is: a blessing tonight to me and each woman in the audience. Thank you precious Carly! You are a Godly woman who has the very special gift of conveying God’s love for us. As you minister to all women in many different age groups we say “Thank you Carly!” We were truly blessed.”

~Kathy Parrish, Pastor’s wife             1499670_1015028011855530_8442582187463708831_n