Do you ever feel like there is something more that you should be doing?
Perhaps you feel a burning desire in your heart that God has something bigger planned for you?

I asked both of these questions of myself. But take it from me, err, actually let’s take it from David, moving through the mundane could be exactly where God wants you for now. The key is to be found faithful, to be found obedient, even while in a seemingly mundane season of life.

Let’s check in with David. Better yet, let’s step into his leather sandals for a minute…..

You’re out past your father’s house tending the sheep. You see your brothers & your father with the area-priest (Samuel) being consecrated for an offering and the feast to follow. No bother, you’re just where God wants you…with the sheep. So you play your harp and watch for predators of your flock.

Then, you see that you are being summoned for. You leave your flock for a moment and enter into the midst of your brothers, your father & Samuel. You listen intently as Samuel tells you that you are God’s chosen one to be the next king of Israel, you feel oil dripping down your head as you are anointed, and then you feel Holy Spirit come upon you mightily.

Then, you go back to your sheep. Back to the mundane. Back to being obedient in the day to day. BUT, all the while knowing that God has something BIG planned for you. Perhaps you are smiling as you go back to the sheep. Perhaps you are deep in prayer, reflecting on what God is doing.

Not long later, you are summoned again from your flock. This time by the current king of Israel, Saul. You have been noticed by an unnamed young man whom told Saul of you. He told Saul of your attributes: your skillful music, your might, valor, your warrior skills, your eloquent speech, and the big cherry on top…how handsome you are! All this was noticed while you were just tending your flock. Moving through the seemingly mundane.

This was David’s “ticket” into Saul’s inner court. It was God’s plan for him to succeed the throne. Look how quickly David went from the seemingly mundane to the action-packed role he was placed in. I’ll bet he looks back & remembers those nights under the stars with the sheep & treasures each one!

Perhaps you are “moving through the mundane” in the season you are currently in. Take heart! God moves in the seemingly mundane! He waits until the appointed time to take you from the seemingly mundane to put you front and center in someone’s life. Front and center to make a difference for Him. Do you need encouragement in moving through your seemingly mundane season right now? I know there was a point that I needed some encouragement. A point where God’s promises fell upon me like a cleansing rain.

So, handsome one, take heart. Be encouraged! God’s got BIG plans for you & He will reveal them at just the appointed time & not a minute before. So be found faithful. Be found obedient. Play your music and rock this mundane season, just as David did!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

*David’s story depicted here can be found in 1 Samuel 16.