Loved Fiercely—Carly Van Laar

God loves you so fiercely that He gives you the choice to follow Him, or not. Follow Him, trust me, you won't regret it.



Crossing the Brook of Kidron

Are you in the middle of a brewing storm? Do you feel as if everywhere you turn, there is calamity, chaos, evil surrounding you. Do you feel like perhaps God is trying to teach you something? Trying to refine you?... Continue Reading →

If You Could Go Anywhere, Where Would You Go?

If you could go anywhere you wanted, where would you go? The beach, the mountains, visit a loved one, go home (if you are away from home), another country? David (from the Bible) finds himself at this crossroads. You see,... Continue Reading →


"But". This is my most favorite word in the Bible. Really. Crazy, I know, but this word does amazing things. You see, there can be so much "junk" found before this word, but (see what I did there?) when you... Continue Reading →

Cave Advice

Have you received advice that was really good? Advice that totally made sense? Advice that would have an end result that matches what God had promised you? I'm calling this kind of advice "cave advice". What if God had promised... Continue Reading →

Even Anointed Kings Wait in Fields

Are you finding yourself in a season where you are waiting? Are you seeking God's direction, but haven't yet discerned what that is? Are you earnestly seeking after something, praying to God about it, but you haven't received an answer... Continue Reading →

Moving Through the Mundane

Do you ever feel like there is something more that you should be doing? Perhaps you feel a burning desire in your heart that God has something bigger planned for you? I asked both of these questions of myself. But... Continue Reading →

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