Have you received advice that was really good?
Advice that totally made sense?
Advice that would have an end result that matches what God had promised you?

I’m calling this kind of advice “cave advice”.

What if God had promised that you would be the next king, and He even had you anointed as such. Then, let’s say, that the current king became so jealous of you and your success that he made it his personal mission to kill you. So, you are on the run, and you have a small army of followers that are supporting you, seeking refuge with you. Then, you all find yourself in a cave—the very same cave that the current king uses for a necessary break (a.k.a. a bathroom break). He’s without his armor. He’s without his troops. He’s totally vulnerable.

So, your men tell you that this situation is of the Lord, that God had delivered your enemy right to you!
Cave advice.

What would you do?
It all makes sense, right? It *could* be justified, right?

Why is it wrong? Because God had not told you that you would be the one to take matters into your own hands. God had just told you to trust. To be faithful. To wait. God had placed this king on the throne, and it would be God alone who would decide when his kingship would end.

If you *had* taken the “cave advice”, how would you feel once you were on the throne?

David had the promise from God that he would be the next king of Israel, but this does not justify sinning, by killing King Saul, to pursue the promise.
God always fulfills his promises, but it will be:
-His way
-His timing

I see many times throughout the book of the Bible of First Samuel this phrase:
“So David inquired of the Lord”

Does anyone else put themselves in a story and write the script in your head?
No. Just me? That’s okay…

When I find myself in a situation where I need to make a decision, I say, “So, Carly inquired of the Lord”. It’s silly, I know, but it works for me. It goes along with a prior post that I wrote, called, “What If?”

You can find this post here.

The next time we are in a figurative cave, and the advice around us makes sense, but hasn’t been confirmed by the Lord, let’s remember David and his wisdom with his “cave advice”.  Because, goodness knows, I need this reminder!