Originally shared 10/15/15

This morning I was not in a good place; my heart was heavy. Where I read in the Bible was not exactly an uplifting passage, so my quiet time in the Word did not help my heavy heart. As I was getting up from the table, I got a text. There’s only one reason for me to get a text at 6:33am, so I start racking my brain to think of substitutes who are available on Thursdays. However, it was not a text from a preschool teacher needing a sub for today. It was an amazing, long text of encouragement from a friend who lives three hours away, who was on a treadmill in a gym at the time. She apologized for texting so early, but said that when God tells us to “stop & reach out, you listen”.  My God is so good!  My obedient friend is so good! This was exactly what I needed for my morning!

As if that wasn’t enough, I received another smile in my morning. My daughter loves her showers…she sings & she loves to “write” on the glass door covered in steam & I love seeing what she had “written” the night before. The past few days, I had been trying to decipher Steamy-Shower-Door-Overlay-psd89694something that was written on the glass door. I could make out “I” & a heart shape, but I couldn’t make out the name. I couldn’t ask her, because that would reveal the secret portal to her innermost thoughts, so I just kept hoping I’d be able to make it out one day. I didn’t have the vent on today, so it was very steamy…so steamy I could make out the name & it said, “I [heart shape] Carly”. Brandon had written it, not my daughter, & God knew this was the day I needed to see it! This triggered the happy tears. My heart was now absolutely over-flowing with the encouragement I needed to begin my day.

So, I saw God today through a text & a shower door message…have you seen Him today? If so, where was it?