Originally shared 10/20/15

You guys will not even believe my day! Believe me, I wouldn’t have believed if I didn’t experience it for myself.

This morning, I had some extra time before leaving (shocking, I know), so I decided to make a bacon, egg, & cheese sandwich. Now, before you get too impressed, I had fried the bacon over the weekend. Out of habit, I always cut my sandwiches in half before enjoying them. After polishing off the first half, God told me to give the other half away.

But, God, this is real bacon. Like. Real. Bacon. (I wanted to make sure He knew just what He was asking of me, which He obviously did, cuz He is God.) I decided that I would ask the person if she even liked bacon, and if she didn’t, that would mean it would be okay to finish it off myself. So, I carefully wrapped the sandwich in a paper towel & headed out the door.

A couple of times a week, I have the pleasure of having a cutie pie ride with me to preschool. This cutie pie’s mom is Wonder Woman. If you think I’m kidding, I’m not. This mom has 6 kids, and 4 of them are quadruplets born 6 months ago. She is AMAZING! So amazing that she was coming through the car rider line at our half day preschool with 4 infants! Can you just take a moment to appreciate how much time that takes? I’ll wait. Soak that in. Okay, now that you’re there, you can see why our preschool staff wanted to lighten her load by making a schedule to help out with rides to/from preschool.

This was who God wanted me to share my sandwich with. So, when I pulled into her driveway & she’s there with Cutie Pie & his carseat (& she’s SHOWERED…I told you…Wonder Woman!), I ask her, “Do you like bacon, egg, cheese sandwiches?”.
She replied, “Who doesn’t?!”…..my kind of girl! God nailed it and I was so happy I could share with her!11254647_1016631988358783_737613298145230311_n

Side note: on the way to preschool, Cutie Pie loves to look at our NatGeo kids magazines, so we frequently talk about animals. He told me today, “When Jesus comes back, we can touch rattlesnakes.”

I smiled so big! How adorable is that? After making sure he knew that Jesus hasn’t come back yet, so we can’t touch rattlesnakes just yet, we rocked on with our ride to school.

At preschool, I told Kim, “Someone is bringing me breakfast today.” She asks, “Who?” I reply, “I don’t know.”
After giving me a questioning look (I’m quite used to these by now. Jesus followers look really weird sometimes), she asked,
“Then, how do you know someone is bringing it?”
“Because God told me to give half of my breakfast away, so I know that He’s going to provide somehow.”

Y’all!!! Can you see the picture?! God took my half of a sandwich & turned it into a12107714_1016631985025450_4922621989097011487_n homemade sour cream biscuit (thank you Lindsie & Carol!) & a CFA iced coffee WITH
whipped cream waiting on my desk (thank you, Heather!). How awesome is God?! Seriously?! NEVER cease to be amazed by Him.

The rest of my day had ups & downs. So, by
the time I got to Publix for my weekly shopping trip, I was slap worn out. (For those of you that don’t know already, I joke that Publix is my mission field, since I pretty much live at the  church building. I have so many awesome stories about “church” at Publix, that I want to write a book one day.) I got to check out with my friend from 2 weeks ago, Latisha (her story will come later), and my bagger was Alysabeth. Alysabeth walked my cart out & was telling me about a flat tire she had & her awesome friend & roommates. As we talked further, she told me about a prayer request she had & how God totally answered. This girl was OOZ12119188_1016631931692122_8308954096541591211_nING Jesus! This is my kind of girl! It should be no surprise that conversation flowed so easily, that I was worried I would keep her too long. You guys…she wasn’t even scared when I asked if I could take her picture, cuz I wanted to share about her in my future Jesus-at-Publix book. THEN, she told me about a book she wants to write. The title is awesome & intriguing, so I won’t share it, so it can be all hers later in life. We laughed about how when people hear the name “Jesus” dropped in conversation, how we sometimes get looked at as if we have said a curse word. This conversation blessed my soul. It was so neat, inspiring, wonderful being in conversation with another person passionate about Jesus. Just a little bitty taste of heaven on earth.

See? I told you my day would be hard to believe! I was faithful with half of a sandwich & God provided in amazing ways, and I got to have “church” with a new friend in Jesus, right there in the Publix parking lot.

“He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much; and he who is unrighteous in a very little thing is unrighteous also in much.” Luke 16:10

Be faithful. You won’t regret it.