Originally shared 9/28/15

Well, guys & gals, God has been a-movin’ in my life this past week! Today, I’d love to share with you just what He has been up to. On Wednesday of last week, I was asked to pray about leading an adult Sunday School class. The current teacher of the class left some really big shoes to fill, as he is an amazing teacher of God’s word; Brandon & I had really enjoyed being in his class.

My initial thought was “there is no way I could do this”. This, my friends, is where God shines brightest…in our weakness. I had tried to teach an adult Sunday School class before, & realized real quick that I do best with children & women (I’ve led women’s Bible studies & banquets), but not mixed groups.
Here’s the thing…I had been praying for God to reveal a person to me that I could disciple & learn about God’s word together. Each time I prayed, I never “saw” just one person, but rather a group. I thought, “could this be what God was preparing me for?”.
So, I did what I promised to do; I prayed. I talked with Brandon, since he would be in this with me, & we prayed.
Together, we sent this e-mail to the Sunday School class:

Dear fellow Sunday School class members,
I need your help with something. I’ve been praying about teaching the class with Brandon. I haven’t received an answer one way or the other, which is what I need your help with.
This coming Sunday, I would like to teach my all-time favorite Bible story with Brandon bringing in the historical context of the passage & a short video clip as well. I also would like to bring my memory verse for the week for us to work on memorizing together & to focus on one word of that verse to meditate on throughout the week.
THEN, I would ask for each of you to help me pray if I am the one who is supposed to teach the class with Brandon as history & technical support. I do NOT want to do anything that is outside of the will of God, which is why I am asking for your prayers as well. We would move forward from there based on what God is telling us.
Does that sound okay by you guys? I think it is SO vital that we stay together as a class. God has been doing amazing things through your class, and since we didn’t know exactly why God brought Brandon & I into your wonderful group, perhaps it was for such a time as this! BUT IF NOT, I know that God will bring just the right person to lead us.
Thank you in advance for your feedback & prayer!
Love in Christ,

Then, I prepared to walk into a totally empty room on Sunday. We really did not know what to expect.
However, God had a great distraction for us this past weekend: Brandon & I were chaperones for the Children’s Ministry Fall Retreat. Yep, you guessed it…that meant “sleeping” on bunk beds in boy/girl cabins (Do you ever a12074499_1056908314322054_2265858222777022356_nctually sleep?!?) & having an amazing time with a group of 2nd-5th graders who were eager to learn about God. We all had a wonderful time! God taught us great things through the time of Bible study & through the children themselves (they’re fresher from heaven, you know!). Then, on Sunday, when I “woke-up” in the cabin that morning, I prayed continually that it would not be my words or Brandon’s words during the lesson, but God’s. “Not me, but You; not me, but You”…I prayed this over & over & over. Guess what?! The Lord totally showed up in the classroom yesterday morning (which wasn’t empty at all!). It wasn’t me. It wasn’t Brandon. It was totally a God thing! We received such heart-warming positive feedback, verbally & through e-mails later, that still have me rendered speechless.
So…..in just a few short days, God has moved in such a big way. Brandon & I will now be leading an adult Sunday School class, AND not just any class, but one that has an age range of 23-83, with singles & couples. This is a class that came together because of the way the Word was taught, which is something that we will continue.
Teaching children comes naturally for me. Teaching adults (especially a co-ed group) is where I’m totally depending on God. Brandon leads trainings at his work, so he’s a natural with adults. I’m just not used to teaching a group that sits SO STILL!!! However, I know that it is something I will get used to. I’m excited about this next chapter in my journey following where God leads.
2 Corinthians 12:9 “And He said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness.'”
Lord, be perfect in my weakness.