This week, we awoke to the terrible news from Las Vegas. There is evil all around us, and this was yet another act of evil.

#PrayForLasVegas was birthed.


Prior to this hashtag, we’ve seen #PrayForParis and many other cities where evil has taken place and innocent lives ended too soon.


I’m glad that people are praying for Las Vegas. I’m glad people prayed for Paris. These cities, and every other city, needs all the prayer we can give.

What city will be next?

That’s the question that I thought when I saw the #PrayForLasVegas.

Then a question entered my thoughts: what if instead of wondering what city we will be praying for next, what if we shared this hashtag?


The answer to the evil in this world is Jesus. There is no new evil under the sun. Before there were guns, before there were cars that plowed into parade viewers, before there were airplanes that were hijacked and used as weapons, there was evil.

The first murder recorded in the Bible was done so without any modern weapon. It was done as a result of evil.

The heart-breaking news that surrounds us, senseless crimes, innocent lives taken, are all a result of evil, and all of them can be solved with the same answer: Jesus.

In addition to praying for Las Vegas, will you join me in praying for revival?

Praying that Christians, disciples of Jesus, all over this world will be burdened with the awesome desire of spreading the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ?

When people are looking for the good in the tragedy and looking for the helpers, let’s pray that they also see our GOOD God, the GOOD news of the gospel, and the Ultimate Helper of the Holy Spirit.

Evil is in this world because our Creator God gave humankind a choice. A choice to follow Him, or not. He gave us this choice because He loves us so very much. He is grieving with us over the evil in the world. God has already conquered evil through Jesus Christ, and He will do so once and for all when Jesus returns.

Until then, let’s…


and claim as much as our cities as possible, turning one life at a time to Jesus. Each life matters, and each person that becomes a disciple of Jesus will be another person that evil cannot touch.

Jesus says,

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me; and I give eternal life to them, and they will never perish; and no one will snatch them out of My hand.”
John 10:27-28


Lord, we need You. We need The One who triumphs over evil, and that is You. Thank you, Lord, that no one can snatch believers from Your hand. When evil seems to be winning all around us, Father remind us that You are already victorious over the evils of this world. For He who is in me, You God, is greater than he who is in the world, Satan and his evil. Lord, there are people who are mourning now due to evil acts, people who lost loved ones in an evil tragedy. Father, I pray comfort for those who mourn, and the peace that passes all understanding for them as well. Have us turn to seek You, allow us to see Your manifest presence. Please give us a fresh encounter with You, so that we can be empowered by the Holy Spirit, and compelled to reach the lost for You. Place a renewed vigor, a sense of urgency, to share with others around us before it is too late for them. Let the Good News of Jesus Christ sweep through our land as it never has before! Call the saints to action! Give us eyes to see as You see. Let us not get so caught up in the meaningless things around us that we forget what Your mission for our lives is. Let us live each day seeing You with us all the time, for, God, You are indeed with us at all times. How differently would I operate my day, if I saw Your presence manifested at all times? Help me to do just that, being Your willing servant to save lives for You. You are perfect and holy and deserve all that I, your humble servant whom is so underserving, can give, and even more than that. Amen.