Fed up.
Running on empty.
If any of these describe you, I feel you!


This life is hard. And, if you read the Bible, you know that we haven’t even seen the worst of it.

There’s an incredible man in the Bible named Daniel. God had just let Daniel in on His plan for the end of times, and Daniel is understandably bewildered. So much so, that his human mind could not truly understand the message the angel brought to him. Daniel is assured that at the appointed time, understanding will come, and then Daniel is given advice that is really great advice.

Here’s the advice Daniel was given by the angelic messenger:

“But as for you, go your way to the end; then you will enter into rest and rise again for your allotted portion at the end of the age.”
Daniel 12:13

  1. Go your way to the end.
  2. Then enter into rest.

Enter. into. rest.

For those who are followers of Christ, a time of rest is in our future. A complete, wonderful rest.

All we have to do now is go on our way, on the path that God has prepared for us.

It’s that simple.
And simplifying this moment of life for me right now is exactly what I needed.

Lord, thank You for laying out Your ultimate plan for us, so we can be prepared. Thank You, also, for Your Word, where I can learn from those who have journeyed with You. And, thank You most of all, for the time to come for me, where I can enter into rest! I’m looking forward to that, Lord! It gives me hope with days/moments/hours that get tough. I love you, Father, You are my strong tower.