I’ve been saying this line a lot lately. I know in my head that God is omnipresent, which means that He is everywhere at every moment, but it’s been a great thing for me recently to literally invite Jesus along each part of my day, and to physically picture Him alongside of me.

For example:
-Come on Jesus, we’re getting up to face another day, picturing Him there as my feet hit the floor.
-Come on, Jesus, we’re going to work, picturing Him in the passenger seat of my car.
-Come on Jesus, we’re going into the meeting, picturing Him taking a seat at the table.
-Come on Jesus, we’re going into the classroom, picturing His feet crossing the threshold of the room I’m entering.
-Come on Jesus, we’re going to pick-up the kids, picturing Him there in the midst of our conversations, there at the homework table.

These have not applied to me recently, but they have in the past, or there is a friend in one of these situations:
-Come on Jesus, we’re going to the hospital to visit, picturing Him there in the midst, giving words of comfort, or just helping me be present.
-Come on Jesus, we’re going to the cancer center to receive a treatment, picturing Him there amongst the people.
-Come on Jesus, we’re going to take a test, picturing Him there in the learning center.

Pausing for the brief seconds this line takes to say in my head, helps me to frame everything in light of how my Savior sees things.

It helps me frame everything in light of eternity, bringing to mind this awesome rope analogy:

Rope Analogy Video

“These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.”
John 16:33

In those moments where I have felt so alone, those times when I’ve been filled with despair, when the waves feel like they are crashing in, these words of Jesus ring in my ears.

So, I say to myself,

Take courage; Jesus HAS overcome.

There is NOTHING I will face that Jesus has not already conquered. I just have to trust Him and trust the process, His process, knowing that at the end of “it”, whatever that “it” is, I will be refined through my Lord Christ Jesus. For He promises that He began a good work in me, and therefore, He will be faithful to complete it.

Father, I need You every hour, oh, how I need You so much. Without You, the tribulation of this world would be too much. Thank You for providing the hope that is eternity with You. Thank You, Lord, that You have spoken things in Your Word that provide peace for us; You are so gracious! For this, God, I will trust You, do as You say, and take courage, knowing that You have overcome the world. Amen.