Near my home, there is a property where the homeowner plants a garden every year. I’ve been told that the family has lived on that same piece of property for generations. As we drive by, we often see Mr. M outside tending his land, and we share a nod and a wave. He can most often be found in a pair of denim overalls with a wide-brimmed tan hat.

This was the view I had last week of one of his gardens. He had tended to the land to prepare it for spring planting:


Each year, he plants what looks like a pole beans on the outside of the fence, so the vines can grow up the fencing, and inside the fence, there is always good variety of plants that grow so tall.

It stuck me that it is so awesome that Mr. M knows just what to plant where. After years of working the same land, he knows what seed grows best in each section of the garden. He knows just what the soil needs to produce a good crop, and he prepares it accordingly.

This particular morning, I had been struggling with the thoughts that had been running through my mind. Thoughts like:
-Is this it?
-Is this the life that God has planned for me?
-Am I being faithful to Him?
-Am I being content with where God has me? etc.

That’s when I noticed the garden. The VERY SAME garden I had been driving by since 2009.

When I noticed the garden anew, that’s when I began to ponder how cool it is that Mr. M knows just the right way to work that soil…

just like my Lord knows how to tend the soil of my soul.

How very grateful I became in that moment. What started off as a commute filled with doubts and questions changed to a commute of gratefulness. Grateful, that better than anyone, anywhere, my Savior knows what my heart needs. He knows what grows best in me, He knows the seeds to plant in my soul…seeds that will take root and bear fruit.

Lord Jesus, thank You that You know just how to tend the soil of my soul. Thank you that you know how to pierce each “weed”, each seed of doubt, taking captive each thought that is not of You. Father, thank You that You are The One who began a good work in me, and thank you again that You are faithful to complete it. Lord, I know that I allow weeds to creep into the garden of my heart. For this reason, I’m so grateful that Your mercies are new each morning. Lord, I just can’t help but weep with humbleness and gratitude that You are the gardener of my heart. Thank You, God, for working so hard on me, season after season, year after year. Your faithfulness amazes me. Amen.


“For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.”
Philippians 1:6