Some of you know that my arch-nemesis behind Satan is keeping the shower tile grout clean.

This product has changed my life!

Look at that sentence on the directions…you spray it & then “wait for stains to disappear”.

It works, people!!! It’s amazing!!!

I’ve gotten more shampoo in my eyes this week ‘cuz I keep looking down at the shower floor in complete amazement.

Just as I allow Jesus to saturate my heart & take the stain of sin, I allow Kaboom to saturate the tile grout & take the stains of mildew.

However, neither Jesus nor Kaboom can be a one-time application.

I’ve got to get into my bible daily to hear from God & combat Satan, just as Kaboom needs to be used regularly to combat mold & mildew.

I’ve got Jesus. I’ve got Kaboom. I’ve got all the cleansers I need!

(Originally shared 9/12/15, I just used Kaboom today, so I wanted to post this here.)