I had a hard day yesterday.  Sheltering in place is tough, especially after SO MANY DAYS have passed.

Yesterday was more busy than most for me, since I had three different Zoom calls–two meetings and one ladies Bible study.  There was other work to be done as well, so I was hopeful the feelings of sadness would remain at bay.

I was wrong.

Late afternoon when it was time to begin cooking YET ANOTHER MEAL for my family it started.

The tears came streaming and I could feel a good cry on the horizon.

What does one do in a moment like this?

One calls her sister.  And I did.

She said, “hello“.

I responded, “I’m crying” followed by some high-pitched, sob-like noise that I am sure bothered any animal within ear-shot, since I was outside.

Crying Baby GIF - Crying Baby Sobbing - Discover & Share GIFs

That was it, just those two words followed by heavy sobs, nose blowing, and messy tears streaming down my face.  None of that mattered to her, as she went right into listening and then helping me through the moment.

After the sob-fest and phone call, into the kitchen I went and carried on with the evening, praying tomorrow would be better.

Fast-forward to this morning when I studied Ecclesiastes 9:10-17.

The first verse I read was this:

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might; for there is no activity or planning or knowledge or wisdom in Sheol where you are going.”

This was a great reminder to me in the moment.  When my body is in the grave, there will be no activity or planning, so while my body is here on earth, I need to go at each day with all the Lord has given me.

Yesterday, mundane tasks seemed fruitless; today, they had a mission.

So for today, I made a manageable list for my hands to do, and I am trying to go at each item with all my might, seeking the Lord’s help, comfort and wisdom along the way.  I am not sure that this will work for every day, but it is working for today, praise God, and for now, that is enough.

And, sometimes?  Enough is good enough.  Especially when one places all their hope and trust in a God who is more than enough!  Praise be to the Lord for this!

Lord, thank You for Your life-giving Word.  What a gift Your Word is to me each morning.  You are a great, almighty God who is Lord over all.  You control all and created every living thing into existence with Your Word.  The wind and waves obey You.  Rocks will cry out if I fail to bring You praise.  You are all powerful.  Father, we need you desperately.  There are people who cannot be with loved ones during needed times of comfort, there are people who are in great need of Your peace which passes all understanding, and Your power as a great physician is needed to bring healing to our world.  Lord, I know that all You have to do is utter the word and coronavirus will be no more.  But, Lord, if not, I will still worship and obey You.  Humble me, Father, forgive me of my sin and help my eyes to see where I sin against You, so I can seek it out and through Your power, strive to not allow it to have a hold in my life.  Humble us all, Lord, forgive our land, help us to turn from our wicked ways and sin against You no more, so You will hear from heaven and heal our land.  I am in desperate need of You in every moment, Father.  Please direct the work of my hands in each moment and allow my hands to do Your will with all my might.  I am Yours and desire Your good and perfect will for each of my days.  Comfort me in my sadness, please Lord.  Help me to see all Your good works around me when the days seem long.  Help me to trust in all Your plans, for I need You every hour, oh how I need You.  Amen.