Provision:  John 19:25-27

The passage listed above takes place on the hill of Golgotha at the cross of Jesus, and in it, we encounter two different people, both of which need, or desire, provisions. The first person is a soldier who desires the tunic of Jesus, the second is the mother of Jesus, who needs provision, but at the time, her need is not the focus of her attention.

Looking at the group of soldiers first, notice what they depend on to determine who gets the desired tunic, casting lots. The soldiers cast lots to have tangible provision from Jesus, none of whom are guaranteed to be the one in possession of the tunic at the end. This is a group who looks out for “number one”, looking to themselves to provide all that is needed.

Looking at the next group, it consists of those who love Jesus, including his mother, Mary. Most likely, in my opinion, that of a mother, Mary was not even thinking about herself and how she would provide for herself now that the life of her oldest son was coming to an end. In my opinion, she is fully concentrated on the suffering of her son.

Yet, Jesus provides, before she could even have time to dwell on it at all.

How many times in our lives does the Lord provide before we even have time to dwell on our needs?

Those who are standing by the cross, those who remain close to the Lord are provided for, or are a source of provision for those around them through Jesus. Check your location…do you remain close to the Lord during dark hours? Or are you away from the Lord, gambling with your own resources, your own devices?

Notice that Jesus did not pass the care of his mother to his next sibling, rather He entrusted the care of His mother to John, one of His disciples, a brother in Christ, if you will, one who supported Jesus in His ministry, believing in Him. His brothers were most likely not even there at the crucifixion. Look closely at this picture, beyond the scene of the cross to the gorgeous word-portrait of the church. Mary, mother of Jesus, would not be cared for by her own child, the next child in line, but rather a son by way of ministry, by way of the church.

Are you in a relational position with your local church where you could do the same? Or, in reverse, where one could care for you in a time of need?

Do you surround yourself with those who look after themselves, or those who are fixed on Jesus?

In this extremely unique Advent and Easter season, one which has been drastically changed by a virus that has brought life-as-we-know-it to an excruciating halt, where are you as you search for provisions for daily life?

Where are you when you encounter empty grocery shelves, a paycheck that will not come due to lack of work, the news that the virus is spreading in your area, or when someone you love has contracted COVID-19?

Will you be found at the feet of Jesus, turning to Him for all you need, or will you be found with those who do not know Jesus as savior, those who are gambling with their own resources?

Let’s use this time to determine, to make steadfast in our hearts, where we will be found when the troubles of our post-Fall world rage. Let’s be found faithful; let’s be found at the feet of Jesus. Church, let’s be found together in Jesus’ name, where we can shoulder each other’s burdens, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God! (Hebrews 12:2) For He alone is all the provision we need.