Every morning on my drive into work, I pass a city bus stop. And every morning, I see the same lady sitting at the stop awaiting the bus. Over the past week, I had stirrings about her each time I’d pass by. I didn’t know exactly what the stirrings meant, but they kept her on my mind.

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The city bus stop I pass each day.

Yesterday, I found out. As I passed by, I felt within my soul that the Lord wanted me to go tell her that He hears her prayers.

As I parked my car at work, I was pondering how this was going to go down, and I was unsure, having a brief, fleeting moment of hesitation. Yet, it was as if I didn’t have a choice, for my feet just wouldn’t turn in the direction to enter the church building where I work.

Since the bus stop is right on the same corner where the church is, I grabbed a couple things from my car and took off in a jog towards the bus stop, as I wanted to get there as fast as I could before the bus did.

As I approached, I said, “Good morning!

Barely looking up, she replied a “Good morning” back at me.

My name is Carly…

The glance she gave me is probably the same glance I’d give someone if the situation was reversed, so I dived right in, “Every morning I drive by here on my way to work, and I…..have you been praying?”

I didn’t really know exactly how to unfold it all, so it just came tumbling out.

She replied, “Yes. I pray everyday here at the bus stop, and then all throughout my day.

To this, I replied, “I felt as I drove by this morning that The Lord wanted me to come tell you that He hears your prayers.”

At this, her eyes widened as she looked at me, and then she literally burst into tears. Her hands cupped her eyes as she rocked back and forth and said over and over a few times, very respectfully, “oh my God, oh my God“. Then she embraced me as I embraced her back. She half-whispered, “Thank you! Thank you!”, and we both knew the thanks was not directed at me.

She told me how her sister had surgery and she’s been praying for her complete recovery. She shared with me some other things as well.

I asked her what her name was and she told me it was Jackie.

Jackie then said, “This has NEVER happened to me before.”

“Believe me, it’s never happened to me either!” I assured her I was in the same unfamiliar territory.

She said what a blessing this was, and I agreed that it blessed me too. We talked about how it was so awesome to start both of our days with evidence that God is moving and working around us. I asked Jackie if we could pray together before I had to dash off to work. She said she’d love that, so we held hands as I voiced a prayer for Jackie and for her sister, and thanking God for the gift of His Son, Jesus, and for the gift of what had just happened there at the bus stop.

When the prayer ended, we embraced once more, and I jogged back to the church to begin the preschool day. As I jogged toward the church building, I glanced at the huge cross on the front porch of the church, and thanked God for the work that Jesus did on the cross and thanked God again for what He did in that moment for me and for Jackie.  It was a blessing to us both.

The church where I work.

Lord Jesus, I am so very underserving of all You have to offer me. For this reason, I’m immeasurably grateful for all that You provide. Thank you, Lord, for using me to encourage Jackie. Lord, I know that You did not NEED me to do this, for Your Will always will be accomplished, and it’s for this reason that I’m all the more grateful I had the opportunity to come alongside You at the bus stop. Your scriptures tell me that Your thoughts are not my thoughts and Your ways are not my ways, for Your ways and Your thoughts, Lord, are SO MUCH higher than mine. It’s for this reason, Lord, that I will trust You and where You lead me, as I am willing to have You use me in whatever way You need me. Lord, my life is Yours. Take me, use me, mold me to be the person You want me to be while I’m here on this earth. Forgive me, Father, for the times that I’ve been so wrapped up in myself that I lose sight of those around me. Remind me always of Jackie–of her eyes, her embrace, the way that she lit up when hearing from You, for as I’m reminded of this, I will seek all the more after You and where You lead. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.