Last night, we had chicken-tender salads for dinner. My husband (Brandon) was working late, so it was just me and the kids for dinner. Brandon is a great hands-on dad and husband, and as a friend recently said, “team work is the best work“, and we definitely rock the team work at home. So, when he’s away, he’s certainly missed!

As I was drying the lettuce for the salads, a memory from college came to mind…


My friend, Michele, and I were in line at Bolton Dining Hall at the University of Georgia, and as she was handed her sandwich, she said almost off-hand,

“My mom made the best sandwiches. She would always dry the lettuce so the bread didn’t get soggy.”

Michele and I had known each other since elementary school, so I could picture her mom in her kitchen drying lettuce while making the sandwich. I’m a visual learner, so I guess that’s why this random memory was able to stay with me all these years.

One of my fondest memories growing up was the snacks and meals my mom made while my sister, Ashley, and I were swimming. She’d prepare our snacks on these primary-colored plates that had a matching cup to go with each plate.

plastic cups-plates
These were not the exact dishes, but it was as close as I could find.

The cup had a handle, and since the plate had a circle just for the cup, it was always in the same spot. For some unknown reason to me, swimming always made Ashley and I famished, so this snack time happened often. When mom would let us know that the snack/meal, was ready, we’d come running up the steps to the steps to the screened-in porch to see what deliciousness awaited us. The prep time that went into making those snacks just right has not been forgotten.

It was these random memories that makes all the “mom stuff” worth it. You know, all that stuff that we moms do, putting ourselves seemingly last. Being in the “mom season” of life is a special season—it’s excruciating in the early years, survivable in the next set of years, bearable comes next, and then I’m hoping that the later part will be down-right enjoyable! (If you feel otherwise, let’s not burst my bubble just yet, shall we?!)

If you are into sharing Jesus as I am, you may ask yourself during these moms seasons:

-When am I going to get out on a mission field?
-When am I going to be able to do some serious discipleship with someone?
-Is this where God is wanting me to put so much of my time, energy, and effort?

And then…..
it hit me…..
This is exactly where God wants me in this particular season.
These kids ARE my current mission field.
I AM doing some serious discipleship each time I’m teaching my kids about life with Jesus.

By pouring into my kids, Jesus is able to use them to pour into others around them. As my kiddos seek God with all their heart, they can also be used by Him, following His leading, sharing with others, and hopefully, prayerfully, being a blessing to those around them.

And, maybe, just maybe, they’ll be in college, with a friend, reminiscing about their lettuce-drying, snack preparing, memory-making mom.

So, keep on drying the lettuce my fellow moms!  You’ve got this!