Yesterday, I felt the need to have afternoon tea and cookies with my neighbor.

I’m ashamed to admit it, but even though we’ve been neighbors for a few years, we’ve never really connected. We are in different seasons of life, as this couple is retired and has grandchildren, so it wasn’t one of those things where an immediate connection was made, you know?

To my human eyes, there didn’t seem to be any common ground or interests to relate to either. We ride mountain bikes, they ride a motorcycle. We have dogs, they have a cat. She loves horses, I don’t know much of anything about horses.

But, God knew otherwise.

God knew we did indeed have a common interest, which is why I felt the random nudge to invite my neighbor over for tea & cookies.

I was truly almost embarrassed to text my neighbor, Beth, because after living next door for years, I’ve never invited her over. As a Christian, I’m ashamed to admit this. Jesus tells us to love our neighbor, and I didn’t even really *know* my literal next-door neighbor.

Learning this same lesson time, after time, I knew that if I had this nudging, then God was already at work, totally unbeknowst to me, and I’d be missing out if I didn’t align with Him.

So, I texted Beth:







And set the table:

And spent time praying over the connection to come.

When my doorbell rang, Beth was there wearing an adorable necklace, a cute top, and smelling of freshly sprayed perfume. I smiled so big noticing these details, and knew it would be a great time….and it was.

It was informal, fun, and filled with easy conversation. Beth told me that she’s been wanting to connect for a while too, and was so glad that we had this time together. We enjoyed the tea and cookies, and made a plan to meet around the same time frame the following week.

“‘For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
Nor are your ways My ways,’ declares the Lord.

‘For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
So are My ways higher than your ways
And My thoughts than your thoughts.'”

Isaiah 55:8-9

This verse came to my mind yesterday. I truly would’ve never thought about having afternoon tea and cookies. But, that’s just like our God, isn’t it? He knows just what He is doing, and I’m so thankful to be on journey with Him!

Father, I praise You for the fact that Your thoughts are not my thoughts. And that Your ways are not my ways. For, just has the heavens are higher than the earth, Your ways are higher than mine.
Lord, forgive me for the countless times that I have not been attuned to Your nudgings, Your ways, Your thoughts. Thank You for using me, a forgiven sinner, so that I may experience Your awesome power at work. Lord, you never cease to continually AMAZE me. Thank You for being patient with me, as you mold me, shape me, and move me to join You, as You work in and through me. I’m humbled, Lord. Humbled to be Your servant. It is my prayer that I will be found faithful when I cross the finish line of this race that I am running, and that I will continue to run it with endurance that comes from You alone. Amen.