The list pictured above is a small sampling of the people I know whom I pray for often and whom are such an inspiration as to what faith-in-action looks like.

Each of these people have been so selfless in sharing their stories/struggles/ways to pray specifically, and also their own outlook as they weather the storm they’re in.

And, they each sound so different than what others in the world around us sound. They have a different outlook. They have unexplainable hope and peace. They say “weird” things.

They took me back a post I wrote last year, called “Why Christians Act Weird”.

You may find the post by clicking here.

Thank you, my friends, for sharing your story. You are impacting more people than I’m sure you could ever imagine. People, like me, who are watching you live out your faith-in-action, which challenges us to do the same.  Your faith is a gift to those around you.