I’ve literally watched someone transform before my very eyes. You guys, it is almost the same as if I watched a caterpillar change into a butterfly, which is why this post is titled the way it is.

Christy and I have crossed paths with each other through the past several years, but we had never really connected more than just in passing. However, over the past five months, our paths have become more intertwined.

It’s been through these past few months that I could just sense that God was wanting to do a great thing through her. That He had this really great plan for her, but I just could not put my finger on what it was. All I knew was that something BIG was coming. A transformation of sorts.

Christy has been continually on my mind, on my heart, and on my lips in prayer to God. She just kept coming to mind & each time she did, I would lift her up in prayer.

Then, I totally crushed her spirit. It was a discipleship lesson that I learned from. A lesson learned the hard way. You see, instead of opening from a place of love, I came across judgmental, which was not my intent at all. However, she, nor I, regret this conversation, as it was literally a huge turning point in our relationship. The Holy Spirit swooped in and almost instantly righted the conversation in such a way that we both ended up embraced in a huge hug, deep in prayer, with tear-streamed faces.

It was then that I started to witness the transformation before my very eyes. I felt as if God was “fast-tracking” her for some reason, as there was lesson after lesson that He was bringing before her. And you guys, she’s been nailing them. In such a way, that I know she is fully on Satan’s radar big time. This girl is now a force to be reckoned with. Why? Her prayer life has revved up in full force. And y’all, she’s seeing miracles happen.

Not only that, but look at these texts that I am getting from her:


How very awesome is this!!! How very awesome is our God?!
This is what a community of faith does….
You pour out, then you get poured into.
You give, then you get.
Or, the opposite….
You get poured into, then you pour out.
You get, then you give.
It’s this beautiful symbiotic relationship. (Good grief, I just jumped back to 6th grade science there for a second!) But truly, this is what IT is all about. This life. God’s plan. He wants us to saddle up beside people that He is moving in. Go on journey with them. See Him move in big ways.

I’ve been SO encouraged by Christy. Her faith. Her testimony. What God is doing in her life right now. How He is moving in such big ways with her. It’s been awesome to witness and I just so grateful for this true butterfly story.

Let me encourage you to just “pour” if you see someone God is moving in and through. You are going to be the one to be blessed by it. Humbled by it. Awed by it.
And then you’ll be receiving texts like the ones I got yesterday and today. And the awesome thing? God knew that I needed the encouragement & He put me on Christy’s mind.

I love you, Christy. Thank you for allowing me to go on journey with you. You are a treasure to me.

*This post is shared with Christy’s permission.*