“He kissed me yesterday.”

I’m praising God today for this sentence.

For those of you who have been on journey with me, go ahead & skip this paragraph.  For those of you who haven’t been on journey with me, my dad suffered a massive stroke at the age of 48 in the year 2000. The stroke took his voice & the complete use of his right side. It completely changed his life as he knew it. We’ve had ups & we’ve had downs, and when insurance for therapy ran out, my mom became sole care-giver, causing her to have to quit her job. (For dad’s full story, see my blog posts titled “A Skeleton in my Closet” and “Source of Strength”.)

In 15 years, we have not given up praying for dad’s recovery. Also, in 15 years, there have been others who continue to pray for my parents, for whom I am SO grateful. There are times when people ask, “How’s your dad?” that I can’t really tell them any change from the last time they asked, BUT today, I can!

Since my dad’s unresponsive state last month, his doctor has been adjusting his medications, tapering them back slowly. And just as slowly, I am seeing my dad’s personality trying to peek back in.

Last week, when my parents came to visit, instead of going straight for the recliner, my dad took in each picture I have in my living room. I loved this! At least until he pouted his lips that there were no pictures of him. (This was because several pictures were packed away in the Christmas totes to make room on the mantle for the Christmas décor, which I tried my best to explain to dad.) But, even with those pouted lips, I still loved it, because he was so aware of what was around him, and true to his pre-stroke self, he loves seeing pictures of himself!

Then, yesterday, when my parents came to visit, I sent them straight to the neighbor’s house to fetch the kids, who were there playing. My dad communicated that he liked their house & wanted (demanded?!) an instant tour. We’re going to have to work on those social skills, but still, how awesome that he’s taking notice AND desiring to walk more!

Then, came the big one. The sentence that has sprung tears to my eyes each time I replay it in my head, each time I ponder it in my heart. My mom told me, “He kissed me yesterday.”

You guys…this is huge. This is awesome! This is answered prayer!  This is a miracle! This is more of my dad peeking out.

A kiss is a miracle?! You bet!

Let’s not wait for the huge events to praise God for, let’s praise him for a kiss!
For, you see, God is in the “little” things, that are actually not so little. He is in those moments, like the moments that Mary pondered in her heart (Luke 2:19). Look for Him in the little moments today. He promises us that when we seek Him, we will find Him. Praise Him when you see Him. In fact, would you join me today in praising God for a kiss?