Loved Fiercely—Carly Van Laar

God loves you so fiercely that He gives you the choice to follow Him, or not. Follow Him, trust me, you won't regret it.



Building a Bed for Jesus

Christmas Program Day at the preschool where I work is among my very favorite days of the entire year! To see kiddos aged 20 months - five years singing on stage is adorable, cute, and hysterical all at the same... Continue Reading →

I Wish I Could Tell You…

Today I attended the funeral of one of our beloved church members. A man who truly lived his life for God. This funeral was more of a celebration of his life, as we all knew that he is now in... Continue Reading →

A Wrapped Gift

Call me crazy, but when I am given a gift, I treasure it more before I unwrap it. You see, before I unwrap it, I am reveling in the thoughts behind the gift: -the fact that the giver even thought... Continue Reading →

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