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God loves you so fiercely that He gives you the choice to follow Him, or not. Follow Him, trust me, you won't regret it.



Die to Self

Everybody has "life" going on around them, right? I know I certainly do! In fact, as I type these very words, my dad is at the Emergency Room, where they are running more tests on him to see what's going... Continue Reading →

When Coffee Attacks

The events in this story that you are about to read are completely 100% true. Each Friday afternoon, I set up the room where my husband, Brandon, and I teach Sunday School. The room where we teach is a multi-use... Continue Reading →

There’s a Devotion Book on My Trashcan

There's a devotion book on the trashcan in my garage. That's a very strange place for a devotion book, isn't it?! The reason it is there is because of these verses in the Bible: “You shall therefore impress these words... Continue Reading →

What is God’s Will Concerning Me?

Have you ever asked this question before? "What is God's will concerning me?" God's will involves three actions. Not everyone is going to like hearing these three actions, because two of them require a good helping of faith. Also, I... Continue Reading →

You’re Worth the Battle

Satan tried to stir it up in my home last night. Tried to attack my family. BUT, he didn't get the foothold he needed. He was defeated, and a warrior was reawakened within me this morning. This attempted attack was... Continue Reading →

Sweat & Sisters

There's nothing like a good workout to release stress on the body. I recently encountered a new term for sweat & I love it is: “I'm not sweating, that's my body crying.” Isn't that great?! I love workouts that... Continue Reading →

Snow Globes

I've been carrying something I shouldn't be carrying. I thought I had given “it” over to God, but as it turns out, I kept picking “it” right back up. I made excuses as to why I was still carrying “it”,... Continue Reading →

Source of Strength

Originally shared 11/2/15 Many of you know that my dad had a wild ride in an ambulance last Wednesday when he was unresponsive. (Quick recap: my dad suffered a massive stroke at the age of 48 in the year 2000.... Continue Reading →

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