Loved Fiercely—Carly Van Laar

God loves you so fiercely that He gives you the choice to follow Him, or not. Follow Him, trust me, you won't regret it.



Do You Hold Someone’s Hand? If So, Here’s Some Encouragement For You!

Are you a person who holds the hand of another? Are you a parent who leads a child by the hand while running errands, walking into school, or using both your hands to steady an emerging-walker while he takes those... Continue Reading →

While I Held His Hand

There are numerous reasons why I love attending church. I seriously could go on and on about all the wonderful reasons why it's awesome to be a part of a local church. However, the reason I want to share with... Continue Reading →

What’s in my hand?

There are times when my heart, my head, and my hand don't line up. For example, my heart may have the desire to rest in God's word, while my hand reaches for my phone to mindlessly scroll through apps instead.... Continue Reading →

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